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Truck loaded with lumber


This is a photo of a truck hauling lumber from the McKean Mill to the Massey Harris Company. It was suggested that this was an REO truck. REO Motor Company was established by Ransom. E. Olds in 1905, Michigan. Ransom E. Olds further went on to be the founder of Olds Motor Company, makers of the Oldsmobile (later to became a part of General Motors). It was possible to have a touring body placed on the back of the truck so entire families could go on outings together. We cannot comment on the comfort of riding in the back considering it had solid rubber tires!

The McKean family was involved in several sawmills, including a mill built in Kolapore in the 1870s by Archibald McKean. Son Albert McKean set up a mill on the Eighth Line, and another mill on the north part of Lot 7, Concession 7.

Andrew McKean (son of Archibald McKean) built a sawmill on Lot 4, Concession 7 prior to 1895, which had burned. He built a second one on the same location, which included a chopping mill. The second mill was in operation until the early 1920s until it had a fire as well. (An Illustrated History of the Township of Collingwood, pg. 179)



Date: date unknown
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Physical Specifications: still image
Owner: Wilson, Alvin and Anita
Province & Country: Ontario, Canada
County: Grey
Municipality: The Blue Mountains
Community: Clarksburg
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