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The Town of the Blue Mountains was formed in 1998 with the amalgamation of the Township of Collingwood and the Town of Thornbury. Communities in the municipality include Thornbury, Banks, Camperdown, Castle Glen Estates, Christie Beach, Clarksburg, Craigleith, Duncan, Gibraltar, Heathcote, Kolapore, Little Germany, Loree, Ravenna, Red Wing, Slabtown, and Victoria Corners.

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A collection of historical photographs, scanned from the personal collections of members of the community.

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Koury-Knapman Collection


The Koury- Knapman collection encompasses photographs taken and collected by Ken Knapman and Sureyea Koury- Knapman, the owners of The Depot Restaurant. 

The Knapmans bought the Craigleith train station in 1966. They restored the train station converting it into a restaurant on October 26, 1968 which they called The Depot. The Depot restaurant was open for 32 years. The Knapmans decorated the restaurant with artifacts and photographs from the area.  The Knapmans were able to amass a collection that documented the history of Craigleith, Collingwood Township, specifically the Craigleith train station and The Depot restaurant.

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Rorke Collection

The Rorkes were a prominent pioneering family that resided in Collingwood Township. Many Rorke descendants held prominent positions throughout Collingwood Township. From postmaster to township clerk, the Rorkes helped build up many of the communities in what is now the Blue Mountains.

The Rorke Collection encompases a wide variety of photographs and documents of some of the Rorke descendants.

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Suyrea’s Koury-Knapman's Mother

This photograph is possibly of Suyrea’s Kourey-Knapman's mother. The photograph was take in July of 1954 and most likely was taken at the Knapman's home in Toronto.

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Knapmans House, Toronto

Photograph of Knapmans house in Toronto, August 1935 or 1938. This photo is showing the front of the house.

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Unknown - 1872

Letter for Rescuer of the Mary Ward Wreck

Photograph of a letter, addressed to one of the men who helped the victims of the Mary Ward wreck. It states that the rescuer would have been awarded $15. This letter is circa 1872.

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